Weather Summary

A Santa Ana weather pattern will return Saturday and Sunday bringing gusty northeast winds in the passes and canyons, very low humidities and above average temperatures. This event will be similar to the event that impacted our area Sunday and Monday. Strongest winds will be in the Santa Ana Mountains and Foothills, through and below the Cajon Pass into the Inland Empire, and through the San Gorgonio Pass. It won’t be quite as windy in San Diego County Mountains and Foothills, but the fire weather threat will still be high in that area too. Sunday looks to be the greatest fire weather threat when the strongest winds, hottest weather and lowest humidities impact the area. Continued warm and dry Monday but with lighter winds. Gradual cooling with increasing humidities Tuesday and Wednesday with increasing onshore flow.

Weather Threats and Impacts:

Very warm Saturday through Monday. Extremely low humidity and gusty Santa Ana winds across mountains and foothills, strongest on Sunday. Elevated fire weather threat.

Forecast Winds:

  • Offshore flow northeast winds developing Saturday morning, strongest Sunday morning with gusts 20-30 mph portions of Inland Empire and in mountain passes and canyons, and foothills with gusts to 50 mph.
  • Offshore flow weakens Monday.

   Confidence: High

Forecast Relative Humidity:

  • Very low humidity Saturday through Monday. Recovery Tuesday and Wednesday.

Confidence:  High


  • Saturday through Monday. Strongest winds, hottest weather and lowest humidity Sunday.

Confidence: Moderately High

Locations Impacted:

Gusty winds on Highway 91 (strongest through the pass), I-15 and I-215 below the Cajon Pass, I-10 San Gorgonio Pass, I-8 pass through the mountains and foothills.



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